General Description

POLYNUM™ insulation material is clean, safe, fiber-free and non-allergenic insulation suitable for various residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications.


  • Low emissivity surfaces (e=0.03)
  • Stable -104°F to 190.4°F
  • Zero moisture absorption
  • Effective vapor barrier
  • Effective noise reduction
  • Fire resistant & retardant
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Clean, safe & fiber-free
  • 15 years product warranty


Advanced technology for superior performance

Safe Product - Fire Safety

  • Polynum thermal reflective insulation is produced under strict international standards, for safety and durability. To ensure maximum safety the products are tested for vertical, horizontal and corner flame Fire spreads, heat and smoke release following tough insulation fire related standards and regulations, such as EU, DIN, JIS, BS, AS/NZ and ASTM.
  • Polynum products are produced with safe to use FR, Fire Retardant additives, to ensure proper reaction (or shall we say, no reaction) to fire. A secretive polymer recipe used for PE bubbles is dripping free and contains zero risk to users.

Health Benefits
  • 100% Recyclable.
  • Non-itchy, non-cancerous. FDA, HACCP and BRC approved.
  • Hypoallergenic, no crumbling material. No airborne micro particles, no respiratory problems.
  • Hygiene antistatic, does not collect dust, does not retain bacteria, odours or dirt.
  • Does not retain moisture.
  • Resistant to fungus and bacteria.
  • Resistant to nesting, rodents, birds, or insects.
  • Thermal Performance

  • Thin & lightweight with great insulation power.
  • Confirmed and tested thermal resistance. High R-Value.
  • Recognized Thermal performance R value= 21.2 BT/ft2-hrF˚ (Polynum Ultra).
  • Low emissivity surfaces (e=0.03), reflecting 97% of radiation heat.
  • Thermo-cellular air bubbles (low K) to control convection and conduction heat.
  • 100% impermeable to air and water.
  • High Resistance treated aluminum surface to reduce corrosion.
  • Not affected by solvents, grease, roofing frame treatments (solvent or aqueous solutions).
  • Zero moisture absorption. Acts as a vapor barrier when required!
  • Effective Noise reduction. (Actual noise reduction varies per products and application).
  • Temperature stability from -104°F to +190.4°F.
  • Long life: insulating power remains constant over time.
  • 5 years product warranty.
  • Green Product

  • Cuts your energy bill… Cuts CO2 emission from air-condition units in summer and heating expenses in cold weather
  • Safe product that reduces building impact on human health (health and environment).
  • Has no health risk associated with it (compared with some of the available bulk insulation products), therefore, it contributes to the society's well being.
  • Reduces cost of operation, cost of transportation, cost of handling and wastage.
  • Polynum is an effective insulation solution, helping all of us to deliver a better and greener future!
  • Durable Product

    • Polynum is manufactured from top quality materials.
    • Polynum insulation is prepared with thick aluminum foil (8 to 18 microns, compared to 6 and 7 microns used by most producers). This guarantees sustainability, durability and top performances under various tough conditions.
    • We understand that insulation may be exposed to various tough conditions, which can promote corrosion (humidity, acidity, fumes, and so forth). To reduce corrosion risk (which will affect any reflective product performance) we have introduced a winning anti-corrosion formula applied onto our aluminum foil surface.
    • To ensure your long term satisfaction level we produce our insulation products in a glue-free process. Our bubble formation and lamination process occur at the same time, using a 200°C heating process. Such a production practice is proven to be very effective for reflective insulation's durability, minimizing possibilities for delaminating due to buildings and environmental conditions.


    Hazardous ingredients.

    These products are not considered to be hazardous, and are not Classified as `controlled products'. They comprise principally of Polyethylene and aluminum foil that are non hazardous.

    Physical data.

    • Boiling point: Not applicable
    • Temperature range: -50°f to 203°f / -46°c to 95°c
    • Melting point: (°c) 145°
    • Water vapour perm: <0.01perms
    • Appearance: Flexible foil faced sheet with\without net
    • Odour: None

    Fire & explosion data.

    • Flame spread: Will not Exceed 20 (astm e84-94)
    • Smoke density: Will not exceed 60 (astm e84-94)
    • Ignitability: 0 (as1530.3)
    • Spread of flame: 0 (as1530.3)
    • Heat released: 0 (as1530.3)
    • Smoke development: 0 (as1530.3)
    • Surface flame spread:1 (bs 476:Part 7)
    • Fire propogation: 0 (bs 476:Part 6)
    • Non-dripping pe: Pass (snpe-m1)
    • Leanear shrinkage: None
    • Delamination (wet): Pass (complies)
    • Delamination (dry) pass (complies)
    • Extinguishing media: Co2, dry chemical, water or foam
    • Usual fire hazards: Bubble barrier foil materials are not highly Flammable, but in contact with flame they will melt and burn.

    Reactivity data

    • Stability:Products are stable and inert to most Chemicals. None cause a violent reaction.
    • Incompatability: Consult with manufacturer Prior to using as a containment or barrier for Chemicals other than water.

    Health & food hazard data.

    • Inhalation: None.
    • Eyes & skin: None.
    • Ingestion: Products should not be eaten
    • Contact with food: Yes
    • Comply with: Fda regulations: Title 21, section 177.1520 Fda regulations: Title 21 cf, r 178.3910
    • Food migration tests: “migration into water”: < 1 (mg/dm2) < 11(mg/kg)
    • According to eec directives:
    • Directive 85/572/eec, no. L372/16: Annex list of stimulants
    • Directive 95/128/eec, no. L75/21: No. L75/22
    • Directive 82/711

    Special precaution & handling information.

    Generally the products require no special precautions when Handling. However the products may become slippery when wet, and Care should be taken when walking on this.

    First aid measures:

    Not applicable