General Description

SKYLITE Industrial is the most superior and revolutionary corrugated skylight panel in the world.


  • Saves Time, Energy, Money
  • Impact Resistance - Virtually unbreakable, no chipping or cracking Light Weight, Quick and Easy Installation
  • Transparent - up to 90% light transmission (clear). No corrugated glazing material lets in more light
  • Weather Resistant - Properties retained for many more years than alternative corrugated glazing and will not yellow
  • Can be installed over Existing Metal Roofs (IT4 or IT5 Profile)
  • Resistant to Chemicals
  • Easy to Clean
  • Flammability - low flammability and does not emit toxic gasses when burning
  • Warranty - SKYLITE Industrial Sheets come with a warranty against yellowing and loss of light transmission.


Installation & Maintenance

SKYLITE Industrial is easy to work with and install. It is readily cleaned by simply using warm water and soap.

Impact Resistance

Exhibits much greater resistance to high velocity impact than any leading fiberglass panel. It is also guaranteed not to break from hail (up to 25mm in diameter) for 5 years


Available in the standard IT4 profiles to match the most common IT4 or IT5 metal panel Profiles

Colour and Light Transmission

Only SKYLITE Industrial corrugated polycarbonate skylights offer a range of options for light and heat transmission values.


SKYLITE Industrial is virtually unbreakable and offers great design flexibility when curving both along and across the corrugations - it can be curved longitudinally (depending on the radius of the curvature). Polycarbonate's unbreakable qualities make the sheet resistant to impact from even hammer blows, yet the sheets can easily be cut using a wide range of cutting tools and can be Installed as single panels, strips or as a group of Panels

UV Protection

The product gives a maximum protection of 99.9% against harmful UV rays, offering protection all year round. This maximum UV protection also Makes SKYLITE Industrial suitable for greenhouse applications. At the same time SKYLITE Industrial allows up to 90% of available light through the sheet and its resistance to weathering makes it suitable for Kenya’s varied climatic conditions.

Resistance to UV Radiation

SKYLITE Industrial’s resistance to UV radiation is superior to that of Fiberglass. SKYLITE Industrial will not yellow, and retains its clarity for many years.

Cost Effectiveness

Research into the light energy loads of w/hour has shown natural light reduces the cost of electricity by up to 83% using SKYLITE Industrial Roofing panels


SKYLITE Industrial’s light weight allows it to be installed at almost any height, on almost any type of structure.It offers a way to achieve the best combination of heat and light transmission.It is also used for covering verandas, pergolas, conservatories, gazebos, carports, spa pools, greenhouses and for use on fences, windbreaks or as skylights in garages, garden sheds and farm Buildings


SKYLITE Industrial is guaranteed not to lose more than 8% of the sheet's light transmission in its first 10 years and no more than 1% for every year Thereafter


  • Impact Resistance
  • Profiles and Dimensions
  • Colour and Light Transmission