Multi-Storey Steel Buildings inherently adopt the same advantages that are described on our [Structural Steel] page such as providing large column free floor spans that promote efficient circulation space etc. However, there are some additional attributes such as flexible integration of building services & other requirements that can be adapted in design much more easily. The wide potential for complex architectural forms using Steel and modern design software can do this and more while maintaining or even improving overall aesthetics.

    The speed of construction is faster than other methods and there is minimum need for storage of materials on-site due to the high level of pre-fabrication. By virtue of pre-fabrication, precision design and manufacturing tools that only steel-framed systems flexibility, better quality checks and safer construction.

    The cost of construction is another key consideration, and building with steel gives you value for money.


    Economic benefit
    Speed of construction

    20 to 30% reduction in construction time relative to site-intensive construction, depending on the scale of the project.

    The economic benefit depends on the business operation. In terms of overall building cost, a saving of 1% in interest charges, and 2% in early rental or use of the space is predicted.

    Site management costs

    Site management costs are reduced because of the shorter construction period, and the packaged nature of the construction process.

    Site management costs can be reduced by 20 to 30% which can lead to a 3 to 4% saving in terms of overall building cost.

    Service integration

    The integration of services in the structural zone leads to reduction of 100 to 300mm in floor to floor zone and hence to savings in cladding cost.

    A 5% reduction in floor to floor height can lead to one additional floor in 20, and to a similar reduction in cladding cost, which is equivalent to about 1% in total building cost.


    Steel construction is less than half the weight of an equivalent concrete structure, which is equivalent to a 30% reduction in overall foundation loads.

    Foundation costs depend on the sub-structure and factors such as underground services and represent up to 5% of the building cost . A 30% reduction in foundation loads can lead to a significant overall saving in terms of construction cost.

    Column free space

    Long span steel construction provides more flexible use of space, which depends on the function of the building and its future uses

    A large column in the middle of the space leads to a loss of space of approximately 1m2, which represents about 1% of the floor area, and may lead to an equivalent loss of rental income.