General Description

XTANKS are either of square or rectangular profile, using mass-produced pressed steel panels bolted together to give an infinite range of sizes and capacities. This is a simple and transportable solution to the problem of bulk storage. They can be extended, reduced in size or can have an internal partition for periodic cleaning of each compartment, or alternatively, store the liquid for different applications. They can be also dismantled, transported and re-erected elsewhere if necessary. Erection teams are available to assemble the tanks either on towers, rooftops, dwarf walls or concrete foundations

When self-assembly is required installation manuals and drawings are provided to the client.


Modular bolted construction provides:

  • Infinite range of sizes and configurations.
  • Excellent flexibility to adapt as storage requirements change.
  • Ability to be installed in areas with restricted access.
  • Quick and simple assembly using hand tools.
  • Highly economical transportation.

Hot pressing of tank plates using matched tools ensures:

  • Close control over quality of product.
  • Consistency of tank plate size.
  • No requirement for welding corners of plates.
  • No distortion as heat treatment dissipates stress.

All steel construction provides:

  • Inherent strength and durability of the raw material.
  • High resistance to damage during transit and assembly.
  • Excellent substrate for a wide range of protective finishes.
  • Long term life expectancy.


There are many beneficial features associated with the pressed steel sectional tank concept. It facilitates construction in an infinite range of sizes and configurations. The profile panel sections provide excellent strength properties while tanks mounted on steel towers above ground level have an aesthetically pleasing appearance.A major advantage of the sectional tank design is that it facilitates easy handling and transportation over long distances to remote areas, regardless of the final dimensions of the assembled unit. Assembly on site is quickly achieved without the need for sophisticated tooling. In this way pre-manufactured storage facilities having a capacity even in excess of 15 000 cubic meters, can be provided for vast variety of applications regardless of the location of the site


All materials used in construction and manufacturing conforms to British Standard BS 4360 Grade 43A.


XTANK panels are available in either 1000mm or 1220mm square modules, which are hydraulically cold-pressed in one piece and embossed with a distinctive star pressing at the centre to strengthen the panels. Standard plates thickness are 4mm, 5mm and 6mm and are determined by the tank sizes. The design of the panels with flanges at 45o and 90o to the face gives a high degree of flexibility with the flanges being holed through jigs, according to the position they will occupy in the tank. A simple system of marking enables various panel types to be easily identifiable for erection purpose. These panels can be easily erected on simple concrete piers or steel beams. Nozzle connections are provided on the panels to suit the final use of the tank.


Flat steel plates are used with a pitch at the centre and suitably supported to allow for external loads, for example, installation/maintenance crew etc. A standard square manhole with hinged lockable cover and vent is provided. Other special covers can be provided if required.


Internal bracings and brackets are designed to ensure the strength, rigidity and absolute uniformity of each tank depending on sizes.


All bolts used in the assembly of XTANK are of High Tensile Grade 8.8 for rigid holding. They are zinc coated to protect against any rust forming.


A non-toxic strip joining material is used between the flanges of tank plates, under the internal brackets and for sealing the cover plates to make all joints completely leak proof.


XTANKS are provided with suitable standard nozzles either threaded or flanged depending on client’s requirements. Sizes and orientations are to be provided by the purchaser at the time of ordering. All the tanks generally provided with Inlet, Outlet, Overflow, Drain Vent, Level Indicators and Internal & External Ladder. Any other additional fittings can be provided on request.


These are designed to take any size of tanks and are complete with a hooped cat-ladder. They are also in suitable sizes for easy transportation.


TANKS: The standard finishes for cold water tanks are as follows:
Inside: . One coat of Black bituminous paint
Outside: One coat of zinc phosphate primer and one coat of silver aluminium.
Alternatively, all materials can be supplied in a hot dip galvanized finish. Other types of finishes are available on request.


The standard finish for tower is with one coat of primer and one coat of finish paint. Any other types of finish are available on request.