General Description

MULTIRACK® is a storage solution to maximize use of your floor space. It has various uses including industrial shelving, pallet stacking etc and storage of virtually any kind of goods


  • MULTIRACK beam connector is unique in design as it allows uniform load distribution from the beam onto the columns, avoiding eccentric loading and increasing the strength and rigidity of the racking frames. In addition, the revolutionary three prong connectors provide a safer system, eliminating any point loading and preventing post-hole damage
  • MULTIRACK columns consist of cold formed perforated ribbed & lipped c-channels to provide an extremely high axial load capacity and maximum tensional & buckling resistance. The perforated slits are
  • minimal in size unlike any other ‘key-hole’ type or similar systems, which require large holes detrimental to the structural strength of the column.
  • MULTIRACK beams comprise double cold formed channels compounded to form a hollow section with inserted stiffeners, designed to carry heavy loads with minimal twist. Various beam sizes are available to suit varying load requirements.
  • MULTIRACK internal bracings are available in bolted tubular bracing for improved impact resistance and frame strength.
  • MULTIRACK footplate allows for rigid anchor



  • MULTIRACK provides an extremely high strength to weight ratio


  • Storage requirements can be easily re-arranged to suit. An endless variety of storage configuration and systems possible.
  • MULTIRACK is available in a single row or back to back, single double, triple or 4-tier installations.


  • All Storage levels are independently adjustable on a 30mm vertical path thus maximizing available space. Racking is assembled into units to form rows of virtually any length, depth & height.


  • Modular system allows various storage types to be provided within any module, but totally independent of each other.


  • Robust design of steel frames ensure a completely rigid, free-standing structure without the need for cross-aisle ties or braces.


  • Frames are constructed out of durable steel construction and available in various finishes including galvanized, or special paint finish in virtually any colour (refer to paint manufacturers recommendation depending on user requirements, location environment etc).


  • Apart from anchorage, MULTIRACK racking system is easy to assemble and can be quickly erected.


  • MULTIRACK adjustable racking system provides an extremely high strength to weight ratio thus offering a cost-effective investment.

Lower Maintenance Costs

  • Fewer component replacement costs and longer service life.
  • MUTLIRACK is easy to dismantle and re-assemble whenever required.


Secondary Support Beams

Used as a member between beams for extra support or other decking material supports.

Decking Panels

available in solid form steel (various types available) for heavy duty strength & durability or block board , expanded metal for easy viewing of inventory.

Corner Guard

This is an impact support designed to provide extra protection against abuse. The finish is safety yellow.

Steel Pallets

The racks can be designed to accommodate various types and designs of pallets. (Custom Steel Pallets available on order)

Optional Extras Also Include:

Fork Entry Bars

Solid base and proper fork clearance for non-palletized loads.

Row/Wall Spacers

Row/wall spacers provide access in between racks for maintenance etc.

Drum Cradle

Provide Safe Storage of Cylindrical Items.