General Description


KLIP-LOC is an advanced, strong, durable, versatile, long length roof and wall cladding. It combines the strength of steel, smart fluted pans and a lock-action rib design,which together with concealed fastening,enable its use on applications from low pitched roofs to vertical or horizontal ribbed walling.


High Strength & Vandal proof

KLIP-LOC’s excellent structural properties are derived from inherent strength of its unique design and modern roll forming techniques. It has been designed so that once fitted, sheets cannot be pried open from outside.

Material Options:

Thickness: 0.5 and 0.6mm
1.Prepainted/Color coated Galvanised Steel
2.TOC (Thin Organic Coated) Galvanised Steel
3.Unpainted Galvanised Steel


Exceptional Weatherproofing


    KLIP-LOC used a revolutionary secret-fix system to install the sheets without the need of penetrative screws or fasteners*. With the sheets being puncture less, leaks are eliminated and the roof lasts longer.
    *Special fixing standards may apply to high wind areas

Suitable for Low Pitched Roofs

The unique design of KLIP-LOC including the high ribs and deep pans mean that it is suitable for areas with high rainfall whilst allowing for a roof pitch as low as 5°**.
**Subject to practical considerations

Unique Lock Rib Fixing Arrangement

The KLIP-LOC Sheets are designed to be pressure fitted on specially designed Galvanised Steel clips which are fixed to the purlins & girts. The clips have a unique lock rib arrangement that provides an easy, ample, positive and strong engagement inside the ribs of sheets


Thickness: 0.5 and 0.6mm
  • Prepainted/Color coated Galvanised Steel
  • TOC (Thin Organic Coated) Galvanised Steel
  • Unpainted Galvanised Steel